Happy tune

Please check my new happy tune! It may become a new song in the future. Happy tune for a happy day!


Playing mini synth

Thanks for the patience of my neighbours and silent support of Vincent van Gogh, Mona Lisa and Marilyn Monroe, I filmed myself singing with my mini synth, vocal processor BOSS VE-20, and MacBook Air. ‘Street Of Roses’:

Londonight – a black square in my journey

Don’t worry about, about, about, about
Oh my sweetheart…

This is my 2nd music video – LONDONIGHT, with which I wanted to show my respect to London and the journey I had to get here for doing music.
Singing at clubs at the age of 16 I was told that I wouldn’t have a chance to progress with my music by people much more older than me.
When I was a child, adults didn’t believe I would play instruments starting 1 year later than other children.
When I was born, the doctor didn’t believe I would survive.

And now I am here, in London, doing music as I have always wanted. LONDONIGHT is a dot in that story or a ‘black square’ in my work.

Mother-Nature look

Sometimes we spend months working on a project and get upset in result, but sometimes we do not prepare at all and feel very satisfied with the result. So was my spontaneous photoshoot with Navneet Kumar.
Featuring the image of Mother-Nature. Try to guess how many birds I had on my hair.





My life is coloured in the zebra style nowadays. One day I get praise and the other condemn. Just 3 days ago I performed at a pub and got so laud applause that could leave me deaf. And yesterday I got comments from a guy who is a mutual friend with 7 of my friends on FB that I look silly, my image is weird in a bad way, my dance is awkward, my music is too slow, my performance will make people rather laughing at me and I will never become famous. But I can’t take seriously comments from someone who thinks that there is no need to take singing lessons, while all big stars and Hollywood actors take lessons despite how big they are.
Just don’t forget – the more you call me silly and awkward the more interested in my stuff you make other people. Haters and critics make FREE advertisement.


Flaviyake the monster

With this photo I was trying to find out from which angle I look like a goat, dragonfly, scolopendre and someone who wants to attract cows in a field… What is wrong with my face that makes trolls find me an animal?Flaviyake monster

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Intimate sound

Singing ‘Little Girl’ in the intimate atmosphere of Alleycat Bar, London:

Yuma Imaoka from Japan joined me on his electro guitar to perform together my 4 vocal song ‘The Magic Hit’:

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