Intellectual fashion

I am not such a woman who trembles at the thought of a popular branded handbag. I prefer intellectual fashion. I had a dream to have a geometric handbag from Issey Miyake, and I have got it today! In 2010, I visited an exhibition of the Japanese designer Issey Miyake in London. My music artist name was created under the impression of that exhibition and the designer’s philosophy. Issey Miyake – Flaviayke, which is a combination of my Italian name Flavia and a Japanese ending.

Issey Miyake introduces his architecture knowledge into his fashion brand, and my music project is based on my fashion knowledge. I pay great attention to details and recognisable elements in my music videos. I design accessories specifically for my videos.


Flaviyake LIVE at the Vibe Bar, London

I’m performing ‘Womanly Woman’ for the first time at stage, in the Vibe Bar, London. 25.06.12

My second performance of ‘Londonight’. For the first time, it was performed at the Amika club in London. I am going to use some parts of this video for the official music video of this song, along with shaking buildings.

Thanks to people who organise such events giving a chance to upcoming artists.