Flaviyake & Ailo in Solo Bar

My and Ailo’s photos from Solo Bar where Ailo had his gig a week ago:


Japanese Drum’n’Bass by ailo kobayasi:


The WORST video with the BEST sound!

It is the worst video with the best sound of my live performance ever! The video was taken at WATERLINE, London (2.08.12) Ailo Kobayasi from Japan helped me to operate my music that night. It was a great evening and I was very happy with positive feedback on our performance. We really look great together. ‘Londonight’ and ‘Womanly Woman’:

Flaviyake & Ailo

On the 24th of July, I performed at The Abbey Tavern in London and met Ailo Kobayasi, a Drum’n’Bass musician from Chiba, Japan. That meeting has changed a lot for both of us. Our goals became clearer and we inspired each other to write new songs. We performed three times together and had positive feedback. YOU GUYS ARE AMAZING! Three weeks that we spent together were the best in my 2 years living in the UK and one of the best time in my life!

Since I met Ailo I meet Japanese people everywhere! I went to a caffe for a juice yesterday, and 4 Japanese ladies set near my table. They had been looking at me for a long time, I noticed that and looked at them. They said: “Hello! You look so pretty. So fashionable. Your hair, your clips.” Today I walked in the street and suddenly a Japanese guy stopped me saying:

– Are you an artist?

I said:

– Yes, I’m a singer. Where do you know that I am an artist?

– I just see it. You do very well. Everything will be good with you. Have you ever been to Japan?

– Not yet.

– You should go there! How can I listen to your music?

I gave him one of my creative business cards. It’s unbelievable! Japanese people surround me! Our mutual friends say that I can do well with my music in Japan.


My good friend Larisa Guzova, a vary talented fashion designer based currently in Edinburgh, has lounched her GUZOVA ART fashion shop. Her ultra contemporary fabric designs, printed silk scarves and shirts can be bought directly from the online shop. The designer’s art background helps her to create extremely contemporary patterns, which I describe as design of the new era, as well as designs in impressionistic manner. In some of her scarves, you can see combination of classical and modern 3D patterns.

In the photos below I am wearing scarves by GUZOVA ART.


In 2011, soon after Larisa Postgraduated as a Master of Arts in Fashion and Textile Design at Heriot-Watt University, she had beed awarded as “The Best Designer” in London. Her first fashion collection was displayed in London in February, 2012, after which she got positive feedback on her prints. That collection also featured the artistic collars I mentioned above. Photos are available on my FASHION COLLARS blog.


There is also a BLOG on the GUZOVA ART website where Larisa shares her experience.

GUZOVA ART on Facebook

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Singing the legendary SMILE for the first time in front of audience, The Earl of Camden, London. I love this song!

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