What does mean to be creative in the music business?

An interesting article about creativity in the music business by Groov’Music Marketing LINK.

Once I saw a comment under one of Bjork’s videos that Bjork is the second Lady Gaga. Obviously the author of that comment was too young to be aware of the Bjork’s music. I think Lady Gaga is actually a pop version of an electronic icon Bjork in terms of creativity and something weird.

Another article that I like is called ‘What do you promote: **You** or **Your Music** LINK. It made me thinking a lot because people say that my performance is not only about the music, but about entertainment as well. They call me an entertainer. (Naturally I was a very shy girl and it took a lot of time to develop my self-control in order to be able to stay at stage and to talk to people.) So do I promote myself or my music? I think, if I promoted just myself, I would perform songs written by someone else, but I sing my original songs and I also promote my brother’s music by spreading my project. He is a composer, and I see potential in him to write music for films.

People can know me better through some of my songs as they show two sides of my personality – a womanly woman and a cute little girl. Other songs are written on particular topics, for example, ‘Techno Love’ is about an androgyne and the future love, ‘Electronic Boy’ is about guys who spend too much time with gadgets instead of relationships, and ‘Doll’ is a hymn of girls who want to look cute and pretty, like a doll. Obviously, my project promotes both me and my music. I also write books, so I want to be well-known as a writer as well.

One of my business cards states: I’m not a freak. I’m just a genius.

Official page of Groov’Music Marketing and Official group on Facebook. Join them to read more interesting articles about the music industry.


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