Crystal fringe

I have fun on my way down on escalators. All the people moving up stare at my fringe 🙂


‘Like a virgin’ in the Anime style

Me singing Madonna’s ‘Like a Virgin’ for the first time, in the Anime style, at a Halloween Party last night.

And my original song ‘Anime Girl’, for the first time live as well.

6 years journey to perform a song

I had a 6 years journey to perform my Angelic Song in London. Since this song had been finished, I knew that it should be performed in London. It’s the deepest song I’ve ever written. . . . .’If love is a castle in the air it’s a temple of God’. . . . . LIVE accapella

Once I saw an angel

He said I’m bound

I didn’t try to get out

From my invented love


I do well with ELECTRONIC BOY at every venue. Some people call it a real hit. I have made a quirky video for this song and want to share it with you. Many thanks to my friends – Ailo Kobayasi, Yuma Imaoka, Tsutomu Sudo, Mike McLoughlin and Mirshod Khasanov – guys who helped me to film this video.

This song is about guys who spend time with gadgets and do not need relationship. Can gadgets replace sex and the family institute?.. Are you an electronic boy by the way?