Human Beings Lost Their Meaning…

This is an Audio of my new song ‘The Voice Of Nature’ in which I am talking to people in the name of our Mother Nature. The recording version is a bit different from what I perform live, as I asked Johannes, an Austrian sound engineer, to add samples of nature, such as lake waves, heart beating, birds and volcano, at the end of each phrase in the first part of the song.

Music by my brother RK.  Lyrics and performance by Flaviyake. Recorded by Johannes Heel. Photo in the video taken by Benjamin Amure.

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I’m feeling

I’m breathing

I’m living

Should I find the meaning?


I’m carrying

The Sun

For my people

While my heart is beating.


You’ll find me

In search of


I’m the voice of nature


Human beings lost their meaning…


I spread from

A blue hole

To a crater

I am your creator


I’m melting,

I’m burning,

I’m flooding,

I am just surviving.


Human beings lost their meaning…


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