Flaviyake and a microphone

Professional photos taked during filming two movies about my music project. Taken by Denis Kravtsov.

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The process of filming two short films about Flaviyake

Two films were filmed about my music project yesterday in both English and Russian languages. In those films, I’m telling about my artist journey, life mission, mysterious signs of destiny, the Flaviyake fashion style and my iconic fringe.
I hope people will understand better the personality behind the Flaviyake project by watching those films.

We also filmed our working process with my Austrian sound engineer Johannes Heel.DSC06674DSC06676DSC06679

Flaviyake, the monster

People so often touch my body and hair as they find me cute like a kitty, but they have no idea that I have a monster deep inside me that wants to bite their hands! Ha-ha! Flaviyake is a bad girl!


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Flaviyake’s Teleportation

I got a new unusual feeling yesterday. I remember very clearly the days in my life in which I realised that I need to sing in London – although it took years and efforts to make this dream come true, it feels now as if it was just TELEPORTATION from those days directly to my present…


My new fringe embellished with monkeys and ladybugs:


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In my songs, I appear as a womanly woman, little girl, anime girl, androgyne, the Mother Nature,… so people ask me ‘Who is Flaviyake?’. You can find the answer in my song LITTLE GIRL. It’s very me!


They think that I’m a little girl

With eyes of blue that shine like pearls

And only you, only you

Know that I’m a woman.


I dropped my fear with every tear.

Now let them dry and disappear.

‘Cause only you, only you

Know that I’m a woman.


I’ve found the star that lights my road

I’m here to start

I hope, hope, hope

And only lo-o-ove

Makes me feel alive

We need to take a break to have some progress

Although I worked twice a week on my recordings at a home music studio, took choreography classes and practiced playing flute after a 6 years break, I performed 7 times in January. Not bad I think.

The first video of LONDONIGHT performed with choreography:

And the last video of ‘The Voice Of Nature’ performed without nature samples in my backing track. We added volcano eruption, lake waves, birds’ singing and heartbeat to the backing track to make it sound the same as demo.