Performing at a Japanese charity event

On the 16th of March, I performed at a Japanese charity event organised by GAKUNOWA, a London Japanese community. I choose red and white clothes for this event to symbolise the Japanese flag. Also I was wearing a T-shirt featuring the seismological graph of that strongest earthquake that caused tsunami in Japan in 2011. I designed those T-shirts and produced them with my mates Linda Wagner and Sathyaprakash Jyan at Heriot-Watt University, School of Textiles and Design, in Scotland.

Thus my performance implied 5 messages:

・the introduction speech: ‘Disasters remind people that our planet is alive and that we have to care about our nature. I am going to sing a song in the name of our Mother Nature.’

・the embroidery of my T-shirt in the shape of the earthquake that caused tsunami

・my red and white outfit in the colours of the Japanese flag

・my song ‘The Voice Of Nature’ with a volcano eruption sample in the middle part

・final message: ‘Be a piece of the world for peace in the world.’


Kizuna 2 Kizuna 6Kizuna 7 Kizuna 5Kizuna 9Kizuna 8 Kizuna 10 Kizuna 11 Kizuna 12Kizuna 1

By Flaviyake Posted in Photos

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