An incredible coincidence

It’s an incredible coincidence!
I had a weird dream last night – I dreamed that I was leaving a country and had to cross the border. I took an unknown path that other people didn’t know about. I conquered a very high cliff and wasn’t afraid of the altitude at all. When I reached the peak I saw a crowd of people on the ground who decided to follow me. Then I finally crossed the border and saw another path that could bring me ever higher. I took that way and a beautiful country with lakes and green plants appeared in front. In the morning, I wondered wether this dream had a meaning or not, and the Universe has sent me the answer!
I’ve got an email from my good Moscow friend today who said that I remind him the character of the Rudyard Kipling’s ‘The Explorer’. Now I am surprised how similar the meaning of this poetry is to the dream I had last night!..
…Such a coincidence…


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