Electronic music is a dialog with my past

I guess my music is some kind of protest against the pressure and boundaries I experienced in classical music. Passing annoying music exams for 12 years made be a big fan of electro sound. Now I want as much electro sound as possible, as much out of this world as possible. I can compare myself to Marylin Manson, who struggled against his religious past by turning himself into a monster. Forgive me being an ELECTRO MONSTER.

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New song Flower-Friend / Celestial Cutie

I am not the great vocalist, but I am honest with my music.
Tonight I would like to show you my new song ‘Flower-Friend’ or ‘Celestial Cutie’ about a flower that dreams of having a flower-friend in a constellation.
Yet this song is a fiction, I find it very honest… and…maybe this flower is actually me…

Comment of my sound engineer: “With all the technique and production and promotion, we often forget that honesty is what being an artist is about”.

Music designed by my brother RK. Recorded by Johannes Heel.

Audio + Lyrics

Strict… So strict…

My weekly schedule includes talking to my brother about his smoking and my parents about their diet. My future children are lucky that they haven’t been born yet. >:-)

There is love in a flower shape in a constellation

I have written a new song on my brother’s new massive sound electronic track. Millions of people sing about love… the human love… I am singing about a flower’s love. So this new song is about a lonely flower that dreams of having a flower-friend in a constellation. I haven’t recorded it yet, but I can’t wait to share at least the chorus with you. Thank you very much for subscribing to my blog! Let me know which country you are from.

Your Flaviyake-flower šŸ˜‰


Shoes and music

I have always been such a person who needs to fell in love with a pair of shoes to make me buy them, and the same with music – I really need to love a song to perform it. To clarify the previous post, some people suggest me sing over music of other electronic producers, because they find my brother not active in terms of promotion. Yes, he is not a public person at all, but I am the biggest fan ofĀ his music. The melodies and lyrics I write fit his music perfectly, which makes the Flaviyake style. It is his music that makes me spend hours and hours on practicing choreography for just a 2 minute song, ‘Londonight’, – so much I LOVE it!

It’s a great feeling when someone recognises me in the street or a pub not because I have big boobs like Pamela Anderson or beautiful face like Angelina Jolie, but because they remember my songs and sing lyrics having heard it just ones live. So… Would it be clever to stop collaborating with my brother because he is not a well-known producer??? His music is not well-mastered in terms of electronic music standards, but still sounds beautiful, mysterious and different, and people always ask me who writes the music I sing over.

When someone plays for me a well-mastered electronic track as an example to sound like, it sounds like another one electronic act to me – nothing special. I believe there will be the time when musicians will try to copy my brother’s style and learn from it.


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Hours mean nothing in terms of choreography

When I was a schoolgirl I heard that Madonna used to spend 6 hours a day practicing choreography and couldn’t imagine what needed 6 hours to practice on. Now I know that hours are nothing in terms of choreography. You stop just because you have some other thing to be done, otherwise all the day could be spent on it.


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Importance of costume on the big stage

Yesterday I watched a concert of Jamiroquai on YouTube. He is so talented and creative, has released so many music videos, but why is he wearing just one costume in that concert???
I can’t understand big stars who wear just a cocktail dress or one outfit for the whole concert while having money to order several outfits, connections to find an outstanding designer and the occasion to make an impact and to show their audience something they have never seen in their lives.
Or maybe I am too visual person?

You can say that his audience came to listen to his music and his costume is not important, the same as people attend concerts of Adele just because of her vocal. Well, what about Michael Jackson and Freddie Mercury??? Their great music, vocal and choreography didn’t prevent them from paying attention to their look!

Those singers who hated Madonna in her 20s because she was not a good vocalist are not successful anymore, while Madonna is still alive, healthy and works hard. She pays great attention to details. She is a show woman. Just check the videos below.

Beautiful, theatrical, way of changing the costume (look) while on stage:


Theatrical way of cleaning face of sweat on stage:


Madonna doesn’t change costumes a lot in a show, she rather changes details of her costumes such as wearing a jacket, removing a jacket, wearing a hat, removing a hat, replacing a jacket with another one while having the same clothes underneath. She usually wears two costumes at the same time – one of them is hidden underneath, which allows to play with look.

Lady Gaga says in her interviews that she uses the opportunity to be on public to show people some kind of art through her performance. She has sources to show people something they’ve never seen and she makes their lives more beautiful at least for an hour. I respect her way of doing things.

Singing ‘Angelic Song’ makes me feel like an IDIOT

Singing ‘Angelic Song’, originally called ‘If love is a castle in the air, it’s a temple of God’, makes me feel like an alien who suddenly fallen down on Earth to send people a message and thus looks like an idiot…

This song gets positive feedback by professional musicians, who notice its beautiful melody, introduction, structure and meaning, but obviously too deep, despite its etherial sound, to be easily understood by an audience who hears it for the first time.

Anyway, it’s a video of me singing ‘Angelic Song’ atĀ Sessions 58Ā last week. Thanks to all who listen and understand its meaning!

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