Shoes and music

I have always been such a person who needs to fell in love with a pair of shoes to make me buy them, and the same with music – I really need to love a song to perform it. To clarify the previous post, some people suggest me sing over music of other electronic producers, because they find my brother not active in terms of promotion. Yes, he is not a public person at all, but I am the biggest fan of his music. The melodies and lyrics I write fit his music perfectly, which makes the Flaviyake style. It is his music that makes me spend hours and hours on practicing choreography for just a 2 minute song, ‘Londonight’, – so much I LOVE it!

It’s a great feeling when someone recognises me in the street or a pub not because I have big boobs like Pamela Anderson or beautiful face like Angelina Jolie, but because they remember my songs and sing lyrics having heard it just ones live. So… Would it be clever to stop collaborating with my brother because he is not a well-known producer??? His music is not well-mastered in terms of electronic music standards, but still sounds beautiful, mysterious and different, and people always ask me who writes the music I sing over.

When someone plays for me a well-mastered electronic track as an example to sound like, it sounds like another one electronic act to me – nothing special. I believe there will be the time when musicians will try to copy my brother’s style and learn from it.


By Flaviyake Posted in Photos

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