The first song released on iTunes

Exactly 1 year ago I had my first open mic in London. It was a challenge for me to perform even just 3 songs, I was shaking and afraid of talking into the microphone. This weekend, 1 year later, I am having two 30 min sets of my original program on the stage outside Westfield Shopping Centre (the biggest shopping centre in Europe), and the first song released on iTunes and Amazon – music written by a Japanese composer Kocha Shoji and lyrics by a talented songwriter Ksenia Shcherbino. 🙂
This release is so in time like a gift from the Universe!

Hope Is A Bluebird


Doing make-up

Photo taken by James Fielding


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Electronic Boy with electronic drum pads

Singing ‘Electronic Boy’ with an electronic drum pad for the first time. In the very end of the video, I got hair in my mouth and that effected my flute’s sound. I removed my hair quickly to play the main theme one bar later. Haha, I like to save funny moments!

Kit Marsden on electro drum pads.

Collaborating with cool and talented musicians inspires me working harder and practicing even more to have the opportunity to work in collaboration with the coolest talents in the future. Luckily I have always had an eye for naturally unusual and unique people. I met Kit at Apartment 58 in London, he played keyboard with a band, and I immediately noticed something special in his personality. I decided to take his contact to collaborate sometime in the future. When I took his business card I read that he is also a drummer, and I found it very cool to play with someone whose name is Kit and who plays drum kit.


3 sacred mountains, 3 kangaroos, 3 strange emails

I had such a stupid dream last night that I am even extremely ashamed to tell you… After dreaming 3 sacred mountains recently, I dreamed 3 kangaroos having group sex together. In the morning I had to send an email and my mailing system had failure for the first time ever, so I sent 3 strange emails in result and felt totally stupid. I don’t know what to expect from this week after having such a crazy dream on Monday…

Performing with musicians for the first time

It was my first experience performing my original songs with musicians last Saturday. A very cool and talented drummer Kit Marsden joined me on electro drums and Hibiki Ichikawa who plays shamisen, a traditional Japanese instrument, and who is a well-known musician at high-profile Japanese events in London, joined me for one song. Magically all of us have the ‘i’ in our names.

The first live video of my new song ‘Celestial Cutie’. I totally forgot choreography for the second part of the song. Need to learn it again.

Performing ‘The Voice Of Nature’ with shamisen:

Music Focus

If you asked me 6 months ago what I dreamed about, I would say singing on the big stage, which would be a really wrong way of focusing. Now I would answer singing about different characters of the contemporary world at first – this is what perfectly describes my style now and what I really enjoy at the moment.


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