Mother-Nature look

Sometimes we spend months working on a project and get upset in result, but sometimes we do not prepare at all and feel very satisfied with the result. So was my spontaneous photoshoot with Navneet Kumar.
Featuring the image of Mother-Nature. Try to guess how many birds I had on my hair.



Importance of costume on the big stage

Yesterday I watched a concert of Jamiroquai on YouTube. He is so talented and creative, has released so many music videos, but why is he wearing just one costume in that concert???
I can’t understand big stars who wear just a cocktail dress or one outfit for the whole concert while having money to order several outfits, connections to find an outstanding designer and the occasion to make an impact and to show their audience something they have never seen in their lives.
Or maybe I am too visual person?

You can say that his audience came to listen to his music and his costume is not important, the same as people attend concerts of Adele just because of her vocal. Well, what about Michael Jackson and Freddie Mercury??? Their great music, vocal and choreography didn’t prevent them from paying attention to their look!

Those singers who hated Madonna in her 20s because she was not a good vocalist are not successful anymore, while Madonna is still alive, healthy and works hard. She pays great attention to details. She is a show woman. Just check the videos below.

Beautiful, theatrical, way of changing the costume (look) while on stage:


Theatrical way of cleaning face of sweat on stage:


Madonna doesn’t change costumes a lot in a show, she rather changes details of her costumes such as wearing a jacket, removing a jacket, wearing a hat, removing a hat, replacing a jacket with another one while having the same clothes underneath. She usually wears two costumes at the same time – one of them is hidden underneath, which allows to play with look.

Lady Gaga says in her interviews that she uses the opportunity to be on public to show people some kind of art through her performance. She has sources to show people something they’ve never seen and she makes their lives more beautiful at least for an hour. I respect her way of doing things.

Huge Bee at Somerset House

I saw a huge bee in the size of a human at Somerset House today. I’d like to have a cup of tea with that bee and take some photos together. If I had my own caffe in London, I would take it to my interior design.

Tim Walker: Story Teller Exhibition. London