Intimate sound

Singing ‘Little Girl’ in the intimate atmosphere of Alleycat Bar, London:

Yuma Imaoka from Japan joined me on his electro guitar to perform together my 4 vocal song ‘The Magic Hit’:

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Little girl suddenly appeared on stage

A real little girl suddenly appeared on stage when I was singing my song ‘Little Girl’

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Singing at Hyper Japan

Last Friday I performed at Hyper Japan that took place at Earls Court Two in London. Straight after my performance, a lady from Japan found me behind the stage and asked whether I use contemporary and classical ballet elements. Her question made me very happy as it is very important when people can understand what you do without explanation. Some people asked me about ballet before, but she was the first one who said ‘contemporary and classical ballet’.

Singing ‘Celestial Cutie’ at Hyper Japan:

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Electronic Boy with electronic drum pads

Singing ‘Electronic Boy’ with an electronic drum pad for the first time. In the very end of the video, I got hair in my mouth and that effected my flute’s sound. I removed my hair quickly to play the main theme one bar later. Haha, I like to save funny moments!

Kit Marsden on electro drum pads.

Collaborating with cool and talented musicians inspires me working harder and practicing even more to have the opportunity to work in collaboration with the coolest talents in the future. Luckily I have always had an eye for naturally unusual and unique people. I met Kit at Apartment 58 in London, he played keyboard with a band, and I immediately noticed something special in his personality. I decided to take his contact to collaborate sometime in the future. When I took his business card I read that he is also a drummer, and I found it very cool to play with someone whose name is Kit and who plays drum kit.


Performing with musicians for the first time

It was my first experience performing my original songs with musicians last Saturday. A very cool and talented drummer Kit Marsden joined me on electro drums and Hibiki Ichikawa who plays shamisen, a traditional Japanese instrument, and who is a well-known musician at high-profile Japanese events in London, joined me for one song. Magically all of us have the ‘i’ in our names.

The first live video of my new song ‘Celestial Cutie’. I totally forgot choreography for the second part of the song. Need to learn it again.

Performing ‘The Voice Of Nature’ with shamisen:

Singing ‘Angelic Song’ makes me feel like an IDIOT

Singing ‘Angelic Song’, originally called ‘If love is a castle in the air, it’s a temple of God’, makes me feel like an alien who suddenly fallen down on Earth to send people a message and thus looks like an idiot…

This song gets positive feedback by professional musicians, who notice its beautiful melody, introduction, structure and meaning, but obviously too deep, despite its etherial sound, to be easily understood by an audience who hears it for the first time.

Anyway, it’s a video of me singing ‘Angelic Song’ at Sessions 58 last week. Thanks to all who listen and understand its meaning!

Singing at a legendary London pub

Last week I performed at the legendary Hope & Anchor. Bands which played at this venue include U2, The Cure, The Police, The Stray Cats, The Pogues, Dire Straights, Joy Division, The Elephant Boys, The Men They Couldn’t Hang, Keane;
the band Madness filmed the music video for the song “One Step Beyond”;
The Stranglers recorded their album ‘Live at the Hope and Anchor’.

It sounds so inspirational!

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Singing on New Oxford Street

On Monday this week, I performed at a music session at Apartment 58, where you can meet very talented and strong vocalists. I really enjoyed the evening and felt as if I attended a concert of big stars, so good they are!

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We need to take a break to have some progress

Although I worked twice a week on my recordings at a home music studio, took choreography classes and practiced playing flute after a 6 years break, I performed 7 times in January. Not bad I think.

The first video of LONDONIGHT performed with choreography:

And the last video of ‘The Voice Of Nature’ performed without nature samples in my backing track. We added volcano eruption, lake waves, birds’ singing and heartbeat to the backing track to make it sound the same as demo.