Happy tune

Please check my new happy tune! It may become a new song in the future. Happy tune for a happy day!


Londonight – a black square in my journey

Don’t worry about, about, about, about
Oh my sweetheart…

This is my 2nd music video – LONDONIGHT, with which I wanted to show my respect to London and the journey I had to get here for doing music.
Singing at clubs at the age of 16 I was told that I wouldn’t have a chance to progress with my music by people much more older than me.
When I was a child, adults didn’t believe I would play instruments starting 1 year later than other children.
When I was born, the doctor didn’t believe I would survive.

And now I am here, in London, doing music as I have always wanted. LONDONIGHT is a dot in that story or a ‘black square’ in my work.

New song Flower-Friend / Celestial Cutie

I am not the great vocalist, but I am honest with my music.
Tonight I would like to show you my new song ‘Flower-Friend’ or ‘Celestial Cutie’ about a flower that dreams of having a flower-friend in a constellation.
Yet this song is a fiction, I find it very honest… and…maybe this flower is actually me…

Comment of my sound engineer: “With all the technique and production and promotion, we often forget that honesty is what being an artist is about”.

Music designed by my brother RK. Recorded by Johannes Heel.

Audio + Lyrics

There is love in a flower shape in a constellation

I have written a new song on my brother’s new massive sound electronic track. Millions of people sing about love… the human love… I am singing about a flower’s love. So this new song is about a lonely flower that dreams of having a flower-friend in a constellation. I haven’t recorded it yet, but I can’t wait to share at least the chorus with you. Thank you very much for subscribing to my blog! Let me know which country you are from.

Your Flaviyake-flower 😉


If you LIKE me then FOLLOW me :-)

Many thanks to all of you who have joined my Blog!!! Finally I’ve got the short name for my Facebook page. I had to delete a personal page created last year by mistake to make the ‘Flaviyake’ link available again. Please like my FB page https://www.facebook.com/Flaviyake.

You can also find me on Twitter and Instagram, simply check Flaviyake, I am the only one in the world with such a name.


Bar Solo


Short film ‘Flaviyake. Not a vocalist, but an artist.’

Today I want to share with you a short professional film about my music and personality. I hope this film can answer many questions regarding why I am Flaviyake, why I am in London and what my journey is. Though it may cause even more questions…

Thanks to Ksenia Shcherbino, Carley Radford, Rebecca Walker, and Jura Rachmanov who helped me to edit my speech.
Thanks to Johannes Heel who allowed filming in his recording studio and made the sound.
Thanks to Denis Kravtsov, the cameraman and video editor.

Available in HD!

‘Like a virgin’ – the first Russian cover!

Have you ever heard Madonna’s hit ‘Like a virgin’ in Russian? Of course, NO! Because I am the first one who has done it! 🙂

I saved almost the whole meaning of the English original, as I hate when singers do covers in their first languages by writing absolutely different lyrics.

My brother redesigned a bit the backing track to make it sound more up-to-date, and then I decided to increase the speed of the backing track to make my vocal sound brighter and the song faster.

Now you have a chance to hear what ‘Like a virgin’ sounds in Russian like by Flaviyake.
Recorded by Johannes Heel.

When I was a teenager, I had some mysterious dreams about Madonna. In those dreams we were in Great Britain, where she would always take my hans and show me the right path saying: ‘Go ahead!’ I interpreted those dreams as signs of my destiny, and that’s why I am in London now. So, with this cover, I want to show my respect to Madonna.

Flaviyake practicing

When I practice my songs with choreography I have to split the rehearsal in two days in order to practice all of them, because I find it too much for my voice to repeat each song several times in order to improve movements. ‘The Magic Hit’ is the trickiest one, as there are no gaps in my vocal part and dancing at all, which always makes me thrifty on stage.

Practicing choreography without singing is not an option, as it feels absolutely different, while the memory of feelings is very important for a live performance…

Nice footage from my upcoming film:

filming 8 text

The process of filming two short films about Flaviyake

Two films were filmed about my music project yesterday in both English and Russian languages. In those films, I’m telling about my artist journey, life mission, mysterious signs of destiny, the Flaviyake fashion style and my iconic fringe.
I hope people will understand better the personality behind the Flaviyake project by watching those films.

We also filmed our working process with my Austrian sound engineer Johannes Heel.DSC06674DSC06676DSC06679


In my songs, I appear as a womanly woman, little girl, anime girl, androgyne, the Mother Nature,… so people ask me ‘Who is Flaviyake?’. You can find the answer in my song LITTLE GIRL. It’s very me!


They think that I’m a little girl

With eyes of blue that shine like pearls

And only you, only you

Know that I’m a woman.


I dropped my fear with every tear.

Now let them dry and disappear.

‘Cause only you, only you

Know that I’m a woman.


I’ve found the star that lights my road

I’m here to start

I hope, hope, hope

And only lo-o-ove

Makes me feel alive