New audio of ‘Womanly Woman’

I have changed a bit the video I ordered last year for my sexy and stylish song ‘Womanly Woman’ and also put my new audio of this song recorded by an Austrian sound engineer Johannes Heel.


I’m a womanly woman
I’m a femme fatale
I’m a womanly woman
I’m a lady of charm

I want your arm round my waist
But your arm slips down
I’m a womanly woman
I’m a lady of charm

I want you to look in my eyes
But your eyes move down
I’m a womanly woman
I’m a lady of charm


ELECTRONIC BOY + flute Audio

Please check the audio of my dance song ELECTRONIC BOY + flute version. If I had a good video for this song, it could become as popular as Gangham style.

Music by my brother RK.

Recording by Johannes Heel

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Kiss & Love to you!

Human Beings Lost Their Meaning…

This is an Audio of my new song ‘The Voice Of Nature’ in which I am talking to people in the name of our Mother Nature. The recording version is a bit different from what I perform live, as I asked Johannes, an Austrian sound engineer, to add samples of nature, such as lake waves, heart beating, birds and volcano, at the end of each phrase in the first part of the song.

Music by my brother RK.  Lyrics and performance by Flaviyake. Recorded by Johannes Heel. Photo in the video taken by Benjamin Amure.

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I’m feeling

I’m breathing

I’m living

Should I find the meaning?


I’m carrying

The Sun

For my people

While my heart is beating.


You’ll find me

In search of


I’m the voice of nature


Human beings lost their meaning…


I spread from

A blue hole

To a crater

I am your creator


I’m melting,

I’m burning,

I’m flooding,

I am just surviving.


Human beings lost their meaning…

Russian song MOLOKO

Yesterday I had a recording at a home studio of my Austrian friend in London and I told him that I slept only 4 hours for the last 3 nights. He recommended me to take a break, but I said that this my break, as I am recording songs and learning choreography instead of performing frequently at the moment.

This is my Russian song MOLOKO, which means ‘Milk’. I made a video for this song of design patterns of a talented textile designer Larisa Guzova who established her own label GUZOVA ART.

Big story of a small girl

Some people think that I am just another one foreign student in the UK, but when I tell them why I came to London, it makes them really amazed and surprised. I am not just another one student and not just another one singer. I had a very long mysterious journey following my dream, struggling and crying.

It was a sunny sumer day when I was playing with my toys and suddenly I heard a voice of intuition that told me that my mission is to become a famous artist, and I was just a little girl, as young as 4 years old… Then, 3 years later, that voice of intuition told me that I would live in London in the future. I asked my mother to allow me studying at a bilingual school to learn English very deep, but my mother didn’t believe in me at all. So I studied at a music lyceum instead in my first language. Who does believe 7 years old children??? But I have always had a voice of intuition.

I performed my original songs at clubs when I was 16. Soon after the smallest club I appeared on the stage of the biggest club in the city of my origin, but I had two mysterious dreams about Madonna who showed me my destiny – to establish my music project in London. In those dreams, she took my hand, showed me right ways and helped to overcome obstacles. I interpreted those dreams as sings of my fortune. That’s why I always say that being a singer is not my desire, it’s my mission. I like to show people something they haven’t seen yet.


When I moved from Chisinau to Moscow, one day I walked in the city centre, and suddenly I got a feeling deep inside me or maybe it was my voice of intuition that told me that I will not stay in Moscow for longer than 5 years. It was a very difficult time for me and I cried almost every night, but every morning I woke up and told myself that my life will be completely changed in 5 years.

I did different kind of jobs before I started to produce elegant dresses for petite women as I am, which were sold at a well-establish fashion show-room and on the internet as well. One of my loyal clients bought 37 garments. Despite those results, I felt that it wasn’t my place and not my life destiny. The key element of my production was to design unusual necklines as a focal point of a dress. Due to that experience, I realised the importance of neckline design and that was a turning point in my life. I decided to research this topic deeply and moved to the UK. After getting an MSc in Fashion and Textiles Management, I wrote a book about fashion collars using materials from my dissertation on collars and necklines as a brand identity, which hopefully will be published in the nearest future. In the meantime, you can visit my blog FASHION COLLARS.

Finally I reached my dream to sing in London, and my fashion knowledge helped me to create my unique artist name Flaviyake and my recognisable style. That’s why my music project is so much connected to fashion. I like to appear in accessories designed by myself in my videos and on stage.


From the G-Spot to Enlightenment

I introduce my songs at stage with my original aphorisms, and I’d like to publish them as a creative book under the name ‘From the G-Spot to Enlightenment’. I imagine the aphorisms to be accompanied with beautiful erotic images. Sex sells.

As the first step, I have created an official page on Facebook to promote my manuscript. At this moment, I’m using photos of a talented photographer Dmitry Chapala, who is based in Moscow.

Join the page and feel free to share photos with aphorisms – FACEBOOK OFFICIAL.

Artist of the Month at Groov’Music Marketing

Check an article about me at Groov’Music Marketing BLOG here. My comments on this article:

“The commercial electronic music market is more dominated by Djs and the nightclub scene”

– Certainly! My music doesn’t suit some live music events because I sing over backing tracks, in the same time it’s difficult to enter the electronic music venues as I am not a DJ.

“Flaviyake must choose to be either in the commercial one or create her own style around a concept (music and lyrics) as she mentions herself  ”I always say something to make people use their brain” and from that she will be more focus to find her target audience.”

– Actually I learn from Madonna, as she is one of the best entertainers, and she always talks to the audience between her songs. What makes me different is that I don’t simply talk to the audience, but I tell my own aphorisms, suitable for the following song, to make people use their brain. They will come back home a bit more clever. This is my style.

“Flaviyake’s music production must have an electronic concept sound stronger and more unique to herself if she wants to “Win Grammy” in the actual electronic music market today”

– At the moment, I am working on my first professional recording. My demos on Soundcloud were recorded at home.

“We indeed really like “Electronic Boy”, “Little Girl”, “Doll”, which have a very strong commercial touch and “Moonlight” which must be worked again and more longer(1.56 minutes)..”

– I do very well with ‘Electronic Boy’ at every venue, and people say quite often that this song has a very strong commercial potential worldwide. I need to meet right people to promote this song seriously. Regarding ‘Moonlight’, unfortunately my brother lost the original version of the backing track, so we can’t make it longer at the moment. I solve this problem at my gigs by mixing it down with another song.

“A track (Turn Around) is also farfrom the electronic sound..”

– Of course, but people like this song, so I do well with it as well.

“We suggest Flaviyake to use her personality and physical state (she is petite) and mix this with her music for example by wearing her own fashion creation each time she performs live to create the buzz around herself and her look (image).”

– I wear quirky glasses made by myself, and the audience likes it. People always want to try them on.

Flaviyake must decide what image she wants to use the one of the “Doll” or the “Electronic Fashion one”

– I like to be different.

“The fact that Flaviyake is petite is a very pertinent selling point. She can be the ambassador of “petite lady” and promote product, clothes ect for petite”

– I agree.

“She will bring to you the Flaviyake’s Music Electro Flavour.”


Thanks Groov’Music Marketing!

Groov’Music Marketing Blog


I do well with ELECTRONIC BOY at every venue. Some people call it a real hit. I have made a quirky video for this song and want to share it with you. Many thanks to my friends – Ailo Kobayasi, Yuma Imaoka, Tsutomu Sudo, Mike McLoughlin and Mirshod Khasanov – guys who helped me to film this video.

This song is about guys who spend time with gadgets and do not need relationship. Can gadgets replace sex and the family institute?.. Are you an electronic boy by the way?

What does mean to be creative in the music business?

An interesting article about creativity in the music business by Groov’Music Marketing LINK.

Once I saw a comment under one of Bjork’s videos that Bjork is the second Lady Gaga. Obviously the author of that comment was too young to be aware of the Bjork’s music. I think Lady Gaga is actually a pop version of an electronic icon Bjork in terms of creativity and something weird.

Another article that I like is called ‘What do you promote: **You** or **Your Music** LINK. It made me thinking a lot because people say that my performance is not only about the music, but about entertainment as well. They call me an entertainer. (Naturally I was a very shy girl and it took a lot of time to develop my self-control in order to be able to stay at stage and to talk to people.) So do I promote myself or my music? I think, if I promoted just myself, I would perform songs written by someone else, but I sing my original songs and I also promote my brother’s music by spreading my project. He is a composer, and I see potential in him to write music for films.

People can know me better through some of my songs as they show two sides of my personality – a womanly woman and a cute little girl. Other songs are written on particular topics, for example, ‘Techno Love’ is about an androgyne and the future love, ‘Electronic Boy’ is about guys who spend too much time with gadgets instead of relationships, and ‘Doll’ is a hymn of girls who want to look cute and pretty, like a doll. Obviously, my project promotes both me and my music. I also write books, so I want to be well-known as a writer as well.

One of my business cards states: I’m not a freak. I’m just a genius.

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