Madonna’s cartoon hairstyle

Wow! I found a photo of young Madonna having quite the same hairstyle as I have now!
Screen Shot 2013-08-04 at 17.08.02


Pretty Pixie made of Pixels

My friend and I have filmed a video of Flaviyake the character walking outside. So you can see what I look like in real life, out of stage 🙂

Electronic music is a dialog with my past

I guess my music is some kind of protest against the pressure and boundaries I experienced in classical music. Passing annoying music exams for 12 years made be a big fan of electro sound. Now I want as much electro sound as possible, as much out of this world as possible. I can compare myself to Marylin Manson, who struggled against his religious past by turning himself into a monster. Forgive me being an ELECTRO MONSTER.

Screen Shot 2013-05-30 at 22.11.22

Strict… So strict…

My weekly schedule includes talking to my brother about his smoking and my parents about their diet. My future children are lucky that they haven’t been born yet. >:-)