Filming videos

I really enjoy realising my ideas, vision and imagination through music videos and photos. This is one of those activities in the world that is not effected by borders, bureaucracy and language.

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Mother-Nature look

Sometimes we spend months working on a project and get upset in result, but sometimes we do not prepare at all and feel very satisfied with the result. So was my spontaneous photoshoot with Navneet Kumar.
Featuring the image of Mother-Nature. Try to guess how many birds I had on my hair.


Flaviyake the monster

With this photo I was trying to find out from which angle I look like a goat, dragonfly, scolopendre and someone who wants to attract cows in a field… What is wrong with my face that makes trolls find me an animal?Flaviyake monster

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World’s Top Music Markets

My good friend asked me why I am concentrating on Japanese music events. To be honest, I’m just doing and wearing what I really enjoy and I really love my songs as if they were my children. I feel very comfortable in my image and actually wear Western labels, though the combination looks rather Asian for some reason. Everything goes just naturally, and if it’s going easier for me it would not be clever to resist it.
In the meantime, the latest statistics shows that Japan is the Music Market Number 2, following the USA. While the UK’s music market “is continuing to decline”… Germany, famous with its electronic music, is doing very well as well. The statistics shows UK as number 3 this year, although stating exactly the same amount of money as in Germany, which means that UK is actually number 4, as Germany was number 3 last year, and only an inattentive reader can’t notice the same amount of money they mentioned.
LondonAnimeCon2013 copy

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Screenshot from THE MAGIC HIT video

I felt a bit unconfident about my idea of wearing the collar band with recognisable buildings of many countries in ‘The Magic Hit’ video, but then I watched some creative music videos on the internet and realised they use quite the same ideas, and sometimes you can’t say anything else about a video then just ‘professionally made’ . At least I am honest with my ideas. The video hasn’t been finished yet. Be patient.
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Music Focus

If you asked me 6 months ago what I dreamed about, I would say singing on the big stage, which would be a really wrong way of focusing. Now I would answer singing about different characters of the contemporary world at first – this is what perfectly describes my style now and what I really enjoy at the moment.


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