The first song released on iTunes

Exactly 1 year ago I had my first open mic in London. It was a challenge for me to perform even just 3 songs, I was shaking and afraid of talking into the microphone. This weekend, 1 year later, I am having two 30 min sets of my original program on the stage outside Westfield Shopping Centre (the biggest shopping centre in Europe), and the first song released on iTunes and Amazon – music written by a Japanese composer Kocha Shoji and lyrics by a talented songwriter Ksenia Shcherbino. 🙂
This release is so in time like a gift from the Universe!

Hope Is A Bluebird

Laughing behind the scenes :-)

I like to collect funny videos of me. In the video I am going to share with you, I am laughing while filming ‘Flaviyake. Not a vocalist, but an artist.’ Such a funny moment 🙂 I hope you like it.