3 sacred mountains, 3 kangaroos, 3 strange emails

I had such a stupid dream last night that I am even extremely ashamed to tell you… After dreaming 3 sacred mountains recently, I dreamed 3 kangaroos having group sex together. In the morning I had to send an email and my mailing system had failure for the first time ever, so I sent 3 strange emails in result and felt totally stupid. I don’t know what to expect from this week after having such a crazy dream on Monday…


Angel Number 484

Every time I am concerned about my activity the Universe sends me a message. I dreamed a golden watch with number 484 on it last night. Just as a joke tried to find its meaning in Google. Look what it says:
Angel Number 484 is a message that the hard work and effort you have put towards living your life according to your personal truths and following your intuition has fully aligned you with your Divine life purpose and soul mission, and with this you will reap abundance and plenty to maintain and sustain you as you continue along your path. Trust that the angels are supporting, encouraging and guiding you.


An incredible coincidence

It’s an incredible coincidence!
I had a weird dream last night – I dreamed that I was leaving a country and had to cross the border. I took an unknown path that other people didn’t know about. I conquered a very high cliff and wasn’t afraid of the altitude at all. When I reached the peak I saw a crowd of people on the ground who decided to follow me. Then I finally crossed the border and saw another path that could bring me ever higher. I took that way and a beautiful country with lakes and green plants appeared in front. In the morning, I wondered wether this dream had a meaning or not, and the Universe has sent me the answer!
I’ve got an email from my good Moscow friend today who said that I remind him the character of the Rudyard Kipling’s ‘The Explorer’. Now I am surprised how similar the meaning of this poetry is to the dream I had last night!..
…Such a coincidence…

Three Channels for Travelling Through Time

Two weeks ago, I dreamed 3 blue energy channels in the darkness – one of them moved clockwise, the other one moved anticlockwise, and the third channel, situated between them, didn’t move at all. I had to go through all 3 channels in order to have a time journey with my spacecraft. In the centre of each channel, I felt an energy concentrated in my body and I fell into a deep dream for few seconds. My time journey happened in that short interval of a deep dream. I practiced that condition to be able to travel through time. If I wanted my spacecraft to land in the right way on the right place, I had to keep my eyes closed and simply to believe. If I opened my eyes, the spacecraft’s speed remained normal and I couldn’t travel through time.

I guess I’ve connected to new energy channels, as I’ve got music ideas in following dreams, and now I’m working on my new songs. One of them was devoted to dead people and became very popular throughout the world in my dream. I also saw a video featuring a lot of angels and the Paradise. Luckily, I recorded the melody of that song on my dictaphone, so you will hear it one day.