How many strands the Flaviyake’s fringe does contain?

How many strands the Flaviyake's fringe does contain?

I started designing my iconic fringe splitting it in 5 strands. Normally I split it in 4 strands, but today I made it of 3 strands for the first time.


Fabulous hairstyles by Flaviyake

During this month, I filmed my iconic fringe after my gigs and the process of making hair embellishment of accessories such as bracelets, earrings and necklaces. Now you have a chance to see a short movie that I finished editing tonight.

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Big story of a small girl

Some people think that I am just another one foreign student in the UK, but when I tell them why I came to London, it makes them really amazed and surprised. I am not just another one student and not just another one singer. I had a very long mysterious journey following my dream, struggling and crying.

It was a sunny sumer day when I was playing with my toys and suddenly I heard a voice of intuition that told me that my mission is to become a famous artist, and I was just a little girl, as young as 4 years old… Then, 3 years later, that voice of intuition told me that I would live in London in the future. I asked my mother to allow me studying at a bilingual school to learn English very deep, but my mother didn’t believe in me at all. So I studied at a music lyceum instead in my first language. Who does believe 7 years old children??? But I have always had a voice of intuition.

I performed my original songs at clubs when I was 16. Soon after the smallest club I appeared on the stage of the biggest club in the city of my origin, but I had two mysterious dreams about Madonna who showed me my destiny – to establish my music project in London. In those dreams, she took my hand, showed me right ways and helped to overcome obstacles. I interpreted those dreams as sings of my fortune. That’s why I always say that being a singer is not my desire, it’s my mission. I like to show people something they haven’t seen yet.


When I moved from Chisinau to Moscow, one day I walked in the city centre, and suddenly I got a feeling deep inside me or maybe it was my voice of intuition that told me that I will not stay in Moscow for longer than 5 years. It was a very difficult time for me and I cried almost every night, but every morning I woke up and told myself that my life will be completely changed in 5 years.

I did different kind of jobs before I started to produce elegant dresses for petite women as I am, which were sold at a well-establish fashion show-room and on the internet as well. One of my loyal clients bought 37 garments. Despite those results, I felt that it wasn’t my place and not my life destiny. The key element of my production was to design unusual necklines as a focal point of a dress. Due to that experience, I realised the importance of neckline design and that was a turning point in my life. I decided to research this topic deeply and moved to the UK. After getting an MSc in Fashion and Textiles Management, I wrote a book about fashion collars using materials from my dissertation on collars and necklines as a brand identity, which hopefully will be published in the nearest future. In the meantime, you can visit my blog FASHION COLLARS.

Finally I reached my dream to sing in London, and my fashion knowledge helped me to create my unique artist name Flaviyake and my recognisable style. That’s why my music project is so much connected to fashion. I like to appear in accessories designed by myself in my videos and on stage.