I do well with ELECTRONIC BOY at every venue. Some people call it a real hit. I have made a quirky video for this song and want to share it with you. Many thanks to my friends – Ailo Kobayasi, Yuma Imaoka, Tsutomu Sudo, Mike McLoughlin and Mirshod Khasanov – guys who helped me to film this video.

This song is about guys who spend time with gadgets and do not need relationship. Can gadgets replace sex and the family institute?.. Are you an electronic boy by the way?


FIRST live performance of ELECTRONIC BOY

Last Monday, the 10th of September, I performed my new dance song ELECTRONIC BOY for the first time! There is a problem in Japan that young guys spend too much time with gadgets instead of relationships, and that inspired me to write a song about them. Currently I am working on the official creative video for this song, but now you can watch the video of my performance taken at Lock17, Camden, London:

And one of my favourite songs LITTLE GIRL: