Londonight – a black square in my journey

Don’t worry about, about, about, about
Oh my sweetheart…

This is my 2nd music video – LONDONIGHT, with which I wanted to show my respect to London and the journey I had to get here for doing music.
Singing at clubs at the age of 16 I was told that I wouldn’t have a chance to progress with my music by people much more older than me.
When I was a child, adults didn’t believe I would play instruments starting 1 year later than other children.
When I was born, the doctor didn’t believe I would survive.

And now I am here, in London, doing music as I have always wanted. LONDONIGHT is a dot in that story or a ‘black square’ in my work.


London Night at a London night

Such a nice video! I am singing LONDONIGHT having a real London night as the background! I love it! Iconic buses and taxis… It looks symbolically!

LITTLE GIRL sounds well with this acoustic:

The WORST video with the BEST sound!

It is the worst video with the best sound of my live performance ever! The video was taken at WATERLINE, London (2.08.12) Ailo Kobayasi from Japan helped me to operate my music that night. It was a great evening and I was very happy with positive feedback on our performance. We really look great together. ‘Londonight’ and ‘Womanly Woman’:


I combined videos taken in Moscow and London to make the video for ‘LONDONIGHT’. It looks quite psychedelic I think, but fits the character of the song that was composed by me and my brother RK. I imagine dancing buildings and darkness listening this song, that’s why I applied these ideas. Some parts of the clip were taken from the video of my gig at the Vibe Bar, London.

Flaviyake LIVE at the Vibe Bar, London

I’m performing ‘Womanly Woman’ for the first time at stage, in the Vibe Bar, London. 25.06.12

My second performance of ‘Londonight’. For the first time, it was performed at the Amika club in London. I am going to use some parts of this video for the official music video of this song, along with shaking buildings.

Thanks to people who organise such events giving a chance to upcoming artists.