Londonight – a black square in my journey

Don’t worry about, about, about, about
Oh my sweetheart…

This is my 2nd music video – LONDONIGHT, with which I wanted to show my respect to London and the journey I had to get here for doing music.
Singing at clubs at the age of 16 I was told that I wouldn’t have a chance to progress with my music by people much more older than me.
When I was a child, adults didn’t believe I would play instruments starting 1 year later than other children.
When I was born, the doctor didn’t believe I would survive.

And now I am here, in London, doing music as I have always wanted. LONDONIGHT is a dot in that story or a ‘black square’ in my work.


Singing ‘Angelic Song’ makes me feel like an IDIOT

Singing ‘Angelic Song’, originally called ‘If love is a castle in the air, it’s a temple of God’, makes me feel like an alien who suddenly fallen down on Earth to send people a message and thus looks like an idiot…

This song gets positive feedback by professional musicians, who notice its beautiful melody, introduction, structure and meaning, but obviously too deep, despite its etherial sound, to be easily understood by an audience who hears it for the first time.

Anyway, it’s a video of me singing ‘Angelic Song’ at Sessions 58 last week. Thanks to all who listen and understand its meaning!

Flaviyake practicing

When I practice my songs with choreography I have to split the rehearsal in two days in order to practice all of them, because I find it too much for my voice to repeat each song several times in order to improve movements. ‘The Magic Hit’ is the trickiest one, as there are no gaps in my vocal part and dancing at all, which always makes me thrifty on stage.

Practicing choreography without singing is not an option, as it feels absolutely different, while the memory of feelings is very important for a live performance…

Nice footage from my upcoming film:

filming 8 text

The process of filming two short films about Flaviyake

Two films were filmed about my music project yesterday in both English and Russian languages. In those films, I’m telling about my artist journey, life mission, mysterious signs of destiny, the Flaviyake fashion style and my iconic fringe.
I hope people will understand better the personality behind the Flaviyake project by watching those films.

We also filmed our working process with my Austrian sound engineer Johannes Heel.DSC06674DSC06676DSC06679

FIRST live performance of ELECTRONIC BOY

Last Monday, the 10th of September, I performed my new dance song ELECTRONIC BOY for the first time! There is a problem in Japan that young guys spend too much time with gadgets instead of relationships, and that inspired me to write a song about them. Currently I am working on the official creative video for this song, but now you can watch the video of my performance taken at Lock17, Camden, London:

And one of my favourite songs LITTLE GIRL:

The WORST video with the BEST sound!

It is the worst video with the best sound of my live performance ever! The video was taken at WATERLINE, London (2.08.12) Ailo Kobayasi from Japan helped me to operate my music that night. It was a great evening and I was very happy with positive feedback on our performance. We really look great together. ‘Londonight’ and ‘Womanly Woman’:

Flaviyake LIVE at the Vibe Bar, London

I’m performing ‘Womanly Woman’ for the first time at stage, in the Vibe Bar, London. 25.06.12

My second performance of ‘Londonight’. For the first time, it was performed at the Amika club in London. I am going to use some parts of this video for the official music video of this song, along with shaking buildings.

Thanks to people who organise such events giving a chance to upcoming artists.